About Us

In order to build a strong economy, investing in its small businesses and talents is a must! So in August 2014, we launched Feedeed to advance that community, and since then we have only grown in numbers, team members, and determination!

At Feedeed our aim is to accelerate the growth of small businesses by providing them with access to an exclusive community of handpicked experts, on-demand. We are also committed to helping our experts focus on their talent while we handle the hassles of sales and business development.


Become a 1-stop shop for businesses to outsource all their non-core tasks.


Match our clients with the right service providers to get their projects done.


We are building a great company and this is our core:


We are all about open and honest communication. No over promises, just action!


From the team to the experts, we empower our
people to keep moving forward.


We are committed to greatness. We seek improvement constantly!


We make life easier, with simple and effective processes.


Dany Abu Jawdeh

Co-founder & CEO

Romy Saber

Co-founder & CCO

Fidaa Ghibreel

Co-founder & CTO

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